2017 Macro Retail Trends

Macro retail trends are emerging trends frameworks identified by Trend Analysis based on economic, social, cultural, technological changes, which are driving new changes across various industries.

2017 Macro Retail Trends explore 8 topics.

01. CONVERGENCE The increasing levels of connection and connected consumer break down barriers among industries, becoming blurrier with an easier transition between physical and digital.

02. VALUE MINDSET Consumer mindsets and the definition of value are changing today. Consumers are increasingly finding alternatives to personal ownership of products and services demanding more sustainable world through ethical consumption.

03. MINDFUL LIFE  Today’s consumer are embracing holistic approach for looking after their well-being through trackingand measuring their lifestyle using multichannel platforms for their everyday lives.

04. URBANIZATION High-density living cities and fast paced busy lives are driving demand for convenience, flexibility, smart commuting to help use time meaningfully to enhance the quality of their lives.

05. PEER LIVING  Revolution of peer power is transforming the consumers’ lives towards building communities through access of networks of peers from buying, selling, renting, paying, resources, services and knowledge. 

06. REWARD LIVING Consumers are increasingly becoming value conscious, seeking moments of reward and maximum benefits. Value for money remains a top priority for consumers.

07. SELF EMPOWERMENT Knowledge is one of the most important resources today. Learning new skills and knowledge through various platforms allows individuals, communities to empower and grow

08. CURATION LIVING Today’s consumers consumption patterns are no longer defined by traditional demographic segments but according to lifestyles and tastes. Lifestyles are becoming ever more flexible and unpredictable with new combinations are appearing.

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