Banking Innovator 2015

Bank Innovators conference among the most influencing global leader

CREA International has been selected among the most influencing global leader who will join Lafferty's 2015 Bank Innovators conference which will be hosted in London at Level 39, Europe's largest technology accelerator.

Banking Innovators 2015 is a one - day event focusing on the players that are influencing the future of banking by driving financial innovation and propelling technology in banking:

• Experience how real innovators are changing retail banking

• Network and connect with thought leaders, innovators, bankers and disruptors

• Inform your innovation agenda

• Learn how traditional banks are fighting back

• Discover new approaches to customer engagement

Lafferty Group provides the financial industry worldwide with advanced knowledge services in the fields of retail banking and cards and payments. Our activities include confidential peer groups known as Councils, single and multi-client research programmes, global benchmarking databases, professional education via the International Academy of Retail Banking, management and research reports.

Alberto Pasquini, chairman of CREA International will hold a speech to share the Physical Brand Design company vision over the Future of the Bank Branch.

In order to sustain antiquated distribution channels, banks have become some of the world's largest property portfolio managers. Many bank executives publicly express a desire to maintain existing branches while others have advocated on behalf of a reduced network in tandem with increased digitalisation.

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