CityModa Fashion Concept Store

A new way of living the fashion style

Inside the new shopping village of Brinpark, in Brindisi (Italy), it's opening the new multibrand concept store, for all the fashion lovers, CityModa.

An urban atmosphere and an industrial style join the willingness to create a place to discover high quality products and live a customer experience that conquers the visitors.

We designed CityModa concept design, guiding the space conception through the urban fabric’ metaphor.


From the roads intersection to the weft of the fabric, which creates connections, new trends and lifestyle. A new Fashion Concept Store comes to life, by this melting pot of heterogeneous brands, products and style.


The interior design is the physical transfiguration of the urban fabric. By visiting the store looks like to walk in a fashion city, where advanced displays indicate dedicated area for the brands.

The lighting systems on the ceiling represent the bright roads visible from the top of a city during the night. While the graphics indication work like road signs to orient the visitors.

Among the interconnections of display elements, material compositions and lighting systems, we create a new way to live the store, enhancing the brands displayed, guiding the shopping experience to reach an high brand awareness.

By designing these complementary elements, even the service model has been transformed, balancing the quantitative component of the products with the aesthetic one.

Digital and social activities are part of the store experience, especially inside the fitting rooms and in the lounge waiting area, but also outside the store, though the windows designed with ledwall and conceived to be transparent, flexible and social.


Soon on our channel all the project details.

The project has been co-managed and co-copyrighted by Il Prisma Milano S.r.l. and Crea International S.r.l., a member of Il Prismagroup.



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