Hotel De la Paix Geneva

A Ritz-Carlton Partner Hotel

Last year the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C. signed an agreement with the Manz family in Switzerland adding the Hotel De la Paix in Geneva as a partner hotel.

The launch is scheduled by the end of 2016 as Hotel De la Paix Geneva a Ritz-Carlton Partner Hotel.


Il Prisma and Barbara Casati developed the design concept taking inspiration from the story of The Hotel De la Paix, built in 1865 in the center of Geneva and witness to a multitude of historical world events. The lakeside property will undergo a comprehensive renovation, which includes reducing the number of hotel guestrooms to 75 stunning luxury accommodations featuring refreshed, modern and generously proportioned suites.

“It is an honor to bring The Ritz-Carlton experience to Switzerland and to partner with the highly regarded Manz family,” said Herve Humler, President and Chief Operating Officer, The Ritz-Carlton. “Geneva is an extremely desirable destination for travelers and we will now be able to offer a sensational travel experience to complement the full portfolio of Ritz-Carlton properties around the globe,” he added.

The partnership commences in the year that sees the Hotel De la Paix celebrate its 150th anniversary. Ljuba Manz-Lurje, Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Manz Privacy Hotels Switzerland AG, said “I am delighted that the hotel De La Paix, the jewel of Geneva, will be managed by The Ritz-Carlton, one the of the world’s most famous and luxurious hotel companies.”

Geneva lies in the bay where the Rhone leaves Lake Geneva, in the heart of a lagoon surrounded by Alpine peaks.

Any landscape is a condition of the spirit”. Henri-Frédéric Amiel.

This quote of the Genevan writer and philosopher Amiel could be a synthesis of this unique and evocative city.

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