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Crea International is glad to announce its new website, an innovative platform that includes stories, news, unreleased articles and special sections dedicated to R&D. The restyling is the result of an epochal transformation during an era where for the first time young teach to old people and where there aren’t examples from the past to take inspiration.

How to transform physical retail space to not disappear from the market and be the point of reference of advanced consumers? Especially, how to make it profitable?

Artificial intelligence could not read people feelings, because it can’t interpreter people hearts and imagine their thoughts. Everyone is unique and we are able to make engaging stories as the result of an elaborate process where thought, culture, imagination, words and memories build a narration.

What does that have to do with design? Stories persuade, get involve, excite and guide to a personal content fruition that could fit every form of art. In this way, storytelling transforms design into esthetic and emotional narration.

The final project reflects the storytelling, which represent the brand values and its­ soul. We design unique experience for brands thanks to teamwork.

Crea International develops each design concept following the methodology called “therapy”, that guide our team to analyze brands roots and translate them into physical space, telling their story.

We are empathy concept designers!

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