International Executive Master in Interior Design

Master Interior Design lecture organized by Poli.Design

The Physical Brand Design company took part as interim lecturer to the International Executive Master Interior Design organized by Poli.Design in association with Lantao Cultural Insitute

Alberto Pasquini, founder & chairman and Mattia Stabile project manager give a lecture to 45 Chinese professional from Lantao Culture Institute on Empathy Design and Storytelling as intercultural & design media tools by introducing CREA International Physical Brand Design methodology.

To CREA International's multicultural professional team, conceiving an empathetic retail design concept means to interpret and understand the brand values and to convey them into an interior design concept capable of engaging the people who interact with it through an harmonious project alchemy made of an iconic design language, lighting, interactive communication systems, digital technology and visual merchandising. The overall result gives birth to a relational and experiential theater which fosters a clear dialogue, sincere and clear dialogue with the brand.

Within a safe and human environment, an empathetic design concept helps people to understand the technologies, to interpret correctly the services, to appreciate a degree of innovation in line with a new way of working which has been profoundly altered by a misusage of technologies.

To feel a space which is overwhelmed by the brand core essence and values, it helps to foster that relationship of trust which enhances the credibility and reputation of the brand.

The Strategic Video Storytelling becomes a critical communication tool through which aim to narrate the rational basis of a strategic concept empathic design: from social media to a shop, the first story to strike the attention and imagination of the customer is the visual, and this will affect the story in a matter of seconds whatever the customer can touch, try and choose later.

The Poli.Design Chinese class have the opportunity to visit some stores within retail banking & telecom design conceived by CREA International such as CheBanca!Wind and Tim.

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