Responsible consumption

The way people buy for a more sustainable lifestyle

For today’s consumers is essential to know how products they buy are made and distributed sometimes choosing to spend more for more in terms of health, self, social and environmental safety.

Ethic, sustainable, critical, responsible consumption; it got many names to define the rapid development of reality towards a commitment about daily operations. It’s an incessant research of respectful consumption ways and a sustainable development for a better balance of the global wealth distribution.

Companies are building a direct dialog with consumers, who want to be informed, establishing loyalty that affects on the public behaviour and opinion through their own consumption choice.

Today’s consumer is much more careful repaying those brands that adopt sustainable practices, responsible behaviours towards the environment, the society and humans, buying products and services (buycott), and punishing those companies socially irresponsible, not buying (boycott).

Responsible Living, last Viewmag edition, collects case history trends of global companies who act following an eco-friendly approach.


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