Sense Making - The New Economy Value

CREA analyzed as a sucessful business by T-Lab

CREA International has been benchmarked analyzed by T-Lab laboratory of CFMT (Tertiary Education Management Centre) as successful business case study in the international academic publication entitled " Sense Making - the New Value of the Economy", edited by F. Angeli.


CREA International, the retail service design company  has been benchmarked as successful business case study in the internal academic publication entitled "Sense Making - the New Value of the Economy," edited by F. Angeli, along with other cases study.

The thesis introduced in this volume, written by researchers at the T-Lab laboratory service sector innovation was created to support the CFMT, is that to make future it take courage to imagine it, design it, tell it and provide it with meanings quite compelling to convince others to follow the same path.

MAKE "SENSE" TO WORK has different meanings that are built and shared through the sense-making. The T-Lab CFMT that addresses a crucial issue for the prospects of the Italian economy and our services. To sustain competitive price that developing countries take on a range of markets, it is in fact necessary - to a high-cost country such as Italy - to focus on the innovation of ideas and the quality of products offered to customers (global) that are willing to pay a price to match.

But what must be added to the standard product for it to become an innovative and quality, situated on a price range top? The book tries to answer this question by exploring not so much the field of technical and functional performance of the product, which also remain important differentiating factors, one related to the perception of the quality and reliability on the part of the application. There are two key elements to consider for this purpose: the sense associated with the product offered and the service establishing an effective relationship with the user.

CREA International is an example of a company that, starting from design, has interpreted the many facets of design concepts into architectural spaces often referred to outlets that can contribute to the generation and transfer of meaning, both visually and stylistically linked brands to which these spaces are an expression.

Since a typical logic of architectural or interior design concept, it goes to a real original model, called the Physical Brand Design, which aims to overcome the gap between strategy, design and business communication, ensuring consistency and efficiency the positioning of the brand through design of the touch points with the customer.

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