Sharing economy

What’s mine is yours, for a fee

 The collaborative consumption is transforming the traditional landscape of business and society, as Rachel Botsman and Roo Roger written on What’s mine is yours.


The future of economy and people’s lives will be increasingly based on sharing. The sharing economy is fostering conscious consumption forms based on reuse instead of the purchase and on the access rather than on the ownership.

This change is due to the crisis of traditional trade models and distribution, while new technologies and social networks are playing an essential role. The sharing economy is launching new opportunities of growth and development, fostering entrepreneur and giving them the possibility to cultivate their own business.


New innovative platforms are bringing to life for sharing objects, skills, time, spaces, services and knowledges. Rise, Tie Try, Sharing Depot are online subscription platforms which offers users to have access to diversity of products and services.

Library of Things, eDivv, Book swapping, Yeloha, Borrow my doggy exchange based marketplaces allowing users to trade some of their items or services for others.


These are all examples that show how today’s consumers demand is changing, trigging the attention to the resources together with the fast sharing to access easier to affordable resources.


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