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The story of the Hotel de la Paix Geneva finds its roots in 1865 during a fascinating and complex historical context. The threat of war among regions was blended together the desire to be citizens of a common homeland: the Europe.

Geneva, in those years, became a very well-traveled destination thanks to the development of telegraphic networks and the arrival of trains which boost many luxury hotel buildings, among these the Hotel de la Paix was one of the first.

These historical episodes seem to us to be light years away in the ways of living, communicating, traveling. Yet, at that time, just one word identified the key of change: INTERNATIONAL.

Today, this key extends to the idea of GLOBAL, thanks to the next technological and digital revolution that breaks down the geographical barriers, revealing also the ability to be everywhere at once.

This wind of change, innovation, criticality, shaped by powerful men, who made the European history, has been eternalized in a diffuse art gallery, inside the Hotel de la Paix, able to suspend the time and building a bridge between past and future, tradition and experimentation.

An artwork exhibition commends people who at that time lived within the walls of the Hotel De la Paix_A Ritz-Carlton Partner Hotel, by concluding peace treaties that in a very short time they would have changed the fate of our country forever.

We wanted to celebrate many personalities who stayed here during the years, representing them through one of the most ancient technique, the weaving. Through the Hotel De la Paix_A Ritz-Carlton Partner Hotel hallway, a collection of tapestries generates a new and original art form reinterpreted in a contemporary language. 

The product design joins the art and the tradition. The hand weaving ennobles the work of art with an aura without time, allowing everybody to visit (actually or virtually) the hotel, reliving an immersive experience made of history and contemporary.

We have reinterpreted the inner space of the historical hotel, celebrating those historical events with a modern twist, rotating around the peace from which the hotel takes its name.

During the Milano Design Week 2017, it will be displayed a preview of the first tapestry of the collection. Garibaldi’s portrait, who played an important role in the Italian history and was the Honorary President at the Congrès International de la Paix in Geneva (1867).

The tapestry will be displayed during the Milan Design Week (April 4th-9th 2017), at Il Piccolo – Via Delio Tessa, 1 Milano (Brera) | map |


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