The new time perception

How to (re)organize our lives according to the less and less time available?

If you are reading this content, you fall within the 46% of global people who use daily the world wide web.

We live in the era of transition from the simultaneity to the immediacy, enjoying breaking news reported by media and living literally live streaming events reported by ordinary people, who often, become creator of journalistic contents.

Yet, perhaps because we are immersed in the digital evolution vortex, we rarely stop to consider the effects of technology on our time perception, on daily and individual effects.

How to (re)organize our lives according to the less and less time available?

According to the psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, “Our personal ‘time zone’ can be modified by technology, because it speeds up our internal clock (…). Technology makes us impatient for anything that takes more than seconds to achieve”.

Innovation gives us a cycle time, where physical time coincides with that of experience, facing new forms of purchase. Space-time limits fall down and each person has his own time, consequently a useful and different time to buy. Advanced on demand mobile services come up to meet new customers’ desires, rising the availability of offer and providing goods and services with efficiency and immediacy. On demand mobile services such as vet app, life insurance, booster fuel and much more become accessible anytime, anywhere visible on ‘Demand On.

Needs and expectations of the customer define the ideal time. Derrick De Kerckhove wrote we are going in “the era of transparency, immediate and omnipresent (…). Smartphones make us knot of a global hypertext (…) between the private space and the space that we can define invaded”.

Considerations that impose to respect that space and that time, so personal, that characterize mobile. Time in the most precious thing we have in our life and the best present to give to our loved ones and to ourselves. Lunch time work out solutions, on site 30 minutes DNA test are just some of the trends collected on ‘Valuable Moments.


First edition of VIEW.MAG, the magazine dedicated to the global macro retail trends, explores new different scenarios of shopping experience related with the new time perception. For brands is of primary importance give significant purchase solutions to user.

Do you want to have a great shopping experience?

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